What's In the Modern Grow Kit?

When you order a Modern Grow indoor grow kit, you’re scoring pretty much everything you need to grow your own resin-rich, perfectly potent plants -- all you need to worry about is the seeds and the soil!

But, you might say, can’t I just grow my plants on the windowsill, or use that old cabinet collecting dust in the garage? Well, you could. But why would you individually source all the other bits and pieces you need to really get the most out of your grow when you could just place your order here (I mean, you’re already here) and then sit back and wait for everything to come to you?

Allow us to illuminate the issue. Once you see the benefit of everything that comes with our easy-to-build, inclusive stealth grow box, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree!

The Cabinet

First on the list, of course, is the cabinet itself. Good luck having an enclosed, subtle grow space without one of these.  Our cabinet features an always-trendy dark wood finish and thanks to its ¾” particle board makeup, it’s light and easy to assemble, and we’ll include all the hardware. It clocks in at 54 inches high, 32 inches wide, and 24 inches deep -- just the right size for two, three, even four plants, and a nice little space for books, more plants, or knick-knacks on top!

So, stylish? Check. Stealthy and practical? Check. And it’s secure, too, with hidden hinges and a lock to ensure your stash stays safe. Finally, all the holes you need to run cords are already cut and ready to go. You don’t need a fancy electric drill for this project, just a couple of basic hand tools and a can-do attitude!

The Light

We scoured the market and combined our personal knowledge with other savvy growers to find you the best possible LED grow light for your in-home secret garden. Enter, the VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Series TC450 450W LED Grow Light. We’re talkin’ dimmable vegetative and flowering stage channels in the 12-band full spectrum you need to really drive yields and potency. Use a remote to change it up, or go manual with a dial on the light itself. The feature draws just 205 watts, so you can add that to your eco-friendly checklist along with glass straws and fabric shopping bags. As for your wallet, this light and the other electric bits and pieces in the grow kit will only bump your electric bill by five or ten dollars.

(By the way, if you’ve already started getting ready for this project, you do have the option to purchase the kit without the light.)

The Filter

Every good grow needs a good carbon filter, and we set you up with that, too (told ya we’ve got you covered).  When you order the Modern Grow kit, you get two Flower Carbon Filters. These little guys feature parallel channel technology, which makes airflow, well, a breeze. This baby seals tight and is nice and compact -- exactly what you need when you have limited space, want to make as much room as possible for the plants, and would prefer the dankness stayed contained.

Exhaust System

The AC Infinity Fan just sticks to the side of your cabinet -- what’s easier than that? It plugs in with a USB and is nice and quiet, one more essential when you’re shooting for stealth. When you order the Modern Grow kit, you’ll get two of these little guys.

That sounds like a lot of good stuff, right? Basically everything you’d need, minus a few bits and pieces, to really get this grow on the road. But we’re not done, yet.

In addition to those essentials you’ll read about in any How to Grow, our comprehensive kit takes things a step farther with even more vitals: a hygrometer to help you keep an eye on humidity, rope hangers for the light, and those sweet fabric pots every true grower is touting these days. We’ll even ship you a surge-protected power bar with all the ports you’ll need.

If you already have seeds and soil, when your Modern Grow kit arrives you’ll be ready to go in about an hour -- that’s seriously as long as it takes to set everything up. Why wouldn’t you take the easy road, when it’ll score you top-quality bud with the added ego boost of knowing you grew it yourself? You’ll have to agree, Modern Grow is the classiest way to grow indoors.