Why You Should Try an Indoor Grow Cabinet

Are you considering a Modern Grow indoor grow kit? We get it. We’ve all seen those beautiful greenhouses. They span acres, filled to overflowing with that soft blue light and endless rows of beautiful, healthy green plants. Maybe you work with people who proudly boast of their own little growing operation – they never shut up about it, there must be something to it!

Maybe you dream; one day you’ll have your own big, beautiful span of backyard green, and until then you’ll just have to settle for that drooping seedling on the windowsill, and the sun-parched little guy on your balcony that never quite made it to the flowering stage. You might think these are your only options for real grows in your fourth-floor walkup.

You’d be wrong.

Growing indoors – even growing in miniscule studio apartments where your friends have to sit on your bed when they come over because you can’t quite fit a couch around the corner – is entirely possible. And all-in-one indoor grow options like Modern Grow can make cultivating and harvesting your own resinous beauties that much easier; on you, on your energy bill, and on the environment.

So, why should you buy a Modern Grow Kit and start flexing your green thumb in your tiny space? Here are four good reasons!

1. Your body will benefit just from having plants around the house.

You’ve probably heard about the benefits to your body and mind that come from growing plants in the home. Without going into the specific perks of certain varieties (lavender for sleep, for instance), simply keeping living, breathing, growing things around can clear contaminants from the air you breathe. That’s particularly helpful in the winter months in some regions, when you don’t get much natural airflow. And yes, even those dank dudes offer these advantages.

People bring flowers and plants to convalescing friends in hospital, and this isn’t just a meaningless tradition -- studies show having plants around can actually “enhance health outcomes of patients recovering from surgery”! Just imagine what they can do if you’re already healthy.

And if you’re plagued with a wandering mind like most of us these days, other studies suggest having plants in your vicinity while working or studying has a positive effect on productivity and concentration.

Finally - do we really need to point out that your plants will continue to benefit your health long after harvest?

  • 2. Growing your own means less waste and shipping.

  • This isn’t a comparison of indoor and outdoor growing, but it’s certainly a perk for your wallet -- and the environment. If you grow your own herb, you don’t have to pay for the shipping to have ready-to-go options sent to your home, or shell out the extra dough that’s always required when buying something someone else prepared. No shipping means a lower carbon footprint and, if you want to get really nit-picky, less gas wasted driving around looking for exactly the strains you need.

    Speaking of our Modern Grow stealth grow kit specifically, you’ll further reduce your carbon footprint thanks to the compact cabinet – no wasted light or energy. Who doesn’t want to help out Mother Earth, these days?

    3. Your therapeutic herbs will be at your fingertips.

    Whatever you decide to tend within your indoor grow box, think of the easy access! No more driving to the store or even slipping into boots to trek out to the garden (sometimes we’re a lazy species). Instead, the goodies you grew yourself will be steps away, literally right at your fingertips whenever you need them. Making a raw smoothie? Need to chill out? No mess, no fuss. And a super accessible grow makes caring for your plants that much easier and, hopefully, that much harder to overlook!

  • 4. You’ll have more time for everything else you love to do.

  • Not only does an indoor grow kit ensure your plants are close at hand, it’s also incredibly space-efficient. This is a win for more reasons than just your energy bill, which shouldn’t increase more than five or ten dollars. The spreading garden most people don’t have time for is now contained within a stylish 54x32x24-inch cabinet. Forget about weeding what feels like acres of soil -- you’ve only got a few feet to worry about, and your plot is protected from airborne seeds and pods, anyway. Speaking of protection, pests will basically be a concern of the past.

    Finally, you won’t end up with way more product than you want. You have to plant, weed, coax, and harvest every seed you plant, and with a Modern Grow kit, you cultivate just what you need, and you know exactly what went into it: fresh water, nutrients for vigor, and a lot of TLC.

    Reap the benefits of a sweet harvest without the space, time, and money required for a grow room, garden, or even a balcony. Grow in stealth and sustainability with Modern Grow. It really is the classiest way to grow indoors.