Modern Grow Inc.

Modern Grow Kit

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A sleek and stylish indoor grow kit that fits in with any home decor.

  • Two charcoal carbon filters with fans eliminate all smell
  • Tightly sealed professional-grade enclosure means no light leaks out
  • Fully programmable LED light with veg/bloom channels
  • Mildew-resistant coated interior

Set it up in an hour, plant your seeds (not included) and plug it in, it's that simple. The best looking grow system on the market will help you grow a variety of vegetables or plants with ease.

Yields 2 - 4+ oz. – that's 5+ beer pints full – per harvest! That means you can pay for this kit in one grow cycle (typically 4 - 6 months). Stop wasting money at retail stores and start growing your own supply today.

The Modern Grow Kit includes:

Made of ¾ particle board. Dimensions: 54” H x 32” W x 24” D (137cm x 81cm x 61cm). Equipped with hinges and lock. 

LED Light
VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Series TC450 450W LED Grow Light – Dimmable Veg/Bloom Channels 12-Band Full Spectrum.

Carbon Filter and Mount
Flower Filter with mount (x2)

Replacement Carbon Filter
Flower filter (x2)

Exhaust System
AC Infinity Fan (x2)

Power Bar
Recessed Power Strip, Surge Protector 4 AC Outlets 2 USB Charging Station Ports and 9.8 ft-Long Extension Cord

VIVOSUN 2-Pair 1/8 inch Rope Hanger (x2)

Three Gallon Fabric Pots (x2)

Indoor Humidity Monitor.

All required screws, eyelets, weather stripping and other miscellaneous hardware.